Consumer safety is of the utmost importance to both ourselves and our customers and cannot be compromised at any cost. We maintain a consistently high level of product quality by acute attention to detail at every stage of the development, production and delivery process.  Every product range undergoes a full product evaluation ensuring all aspects of UK & European legislation are met.

As well as the comprehensive risk assessment criteria practiced within our Quality Assurance Department, QA personnel are kept abreast of all mandatory legal, safety and environmental regulations relating to the products we supply ensuring our customers can have complete confidence when placing their business with AFB. We are also members of several Trade Associations e.g. BSI, SATRA, The Vision Council, which enables us to receive the very latest updates that may affect how we source or manufacture our products.


In addition to using approved specialist external testing houses AFB also has its own in-house test laboratory furnished with custom built testing equipment.

  • Cary 60 Spectrophotometer
    Capable of testing lens for compliance to ISO sunglass standards.
  • Skin contact products- Spot Test for Nickel
    Specialist equipment for detecting nickel in products.
  • Tomey Auto Lensmeter
    Used to verify the power dioptre and the pupillary distance of reading glass lenses.
  • Niton XLT 797 Portable XRF Screening
    Tests and detects the presence of any banned or restricted chemicals within EU regulations that may be contained within a product.
    REACH, RoHS Regulations, Essential Packaging Regulations, Nickel Regulations, POP (Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulations)
  • Mecmesin BFG 500N
    Digital pull-force equipment which can test the security of attachments on products especially on toys or other products specifically aimed at young children.
  • Mitutoyo External Micrometer
    Digitally measures the thickness of plastic bags & sheeting to reduce risk of suffocation from packaging.
  • PAT testing equipment
    Used to test electrical products to ensure compliance to product safety standards and specification.

AFB has a very close relationship with Trading Standards and has been part of the Primary Authority Partnership for several years.

“Having the Assured Advice issued by Herts. Trading Standards has meant that our customers can have full confidence that AFB has made every effort to gain official clarification relating to any potential ‘grey areas’ that could create confusion and disagreement with other Trading Standards Authorities – this has proved to be invaluable!”
Judith Forster, Head of Quality Management, AFB Plc.