How does Heatwave work ?

      The ceramic coated metal tip heats to a greater intensity than the plastic nozzle attachment
      supplied with your hair dryer, enabling the user to blow dry and style hair both better and

      What other advantages are there in using Heatwave ?

       Heatwave should leave the hair shiny and with extra body.Hair will also have a more silky feel after

       correct use with Heatwave.
      What are the benefits of using using Heatwave ?
       Heatwave enables the hairdresser to blow dry/style hair much faster than conventional methods.
       As a result less time is spent on blow drying, enabling more clients to be seen.
      How do I use Heatwave ?
      Heatwave should be attached to the end of the plastic nozzle attachment of your hairdryer.
      Heatwave should attach comfortably and the silicone base will help to keep the two parts secure.
      Is  Heatwave  compatible with my hairdryer?
      Heatwave has been designed to fit the attachments of the most popular models used by
      professional hairdressers.It will fit all models of Prlux (except the 3500) and all models of
      Corioliss. The correct size of the plastic nozzle attachment is approximately 6.1 cm long and
      1cm wide.
      What should I do if my hairdryer does not have the correct size plastic nozzle?
      Talk to your wholesaler and check if they have a nozzle that they can supply which attaches to
      your hairdryer model and is the correct size to accomodate the Heatwave attachment.
      Are there any dangers in using Heatwave ?
      If used correctly there are no dangers with the use of Heatwave, but be careful not to
      touch the ceramic coated part of the metal part of Heatwave after use, as this gets extremely hot and
      retains the heat for a period of time.

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